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                  Not powerful but permanent  More than 100 years history of companies in the world: 21 thousand ones in Japan,873 ones in German,222 ones in Holland, 196 ones in France but only 5 ones in China. To be a 100 years history of company is TIANYI people's dream which is worth spending all lifetime to struggle.

                  Focusing on doing one thing, and making it achieve the peak in a small industry  Tianyi technology engages in polyimide resin matrix composite materials research, and specializes in the production of polyimide resin matrix composites.

                  Creating the first brand in composite material industry  Tianyi technology specializes in the production of insulation materials above C grade, anti-static materials on a par with international brand ,heat insulation materials reaching the advanced international level . In this field, Tianyi technology will create the brilliant future and take the lead.